Creating Little Joys and Magical Stories

Peerbagh is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the city of Austin, Texas.

We are driven by a single mission—to ignite the spark of imagination and inspire creative confidence, in both the young and the young at heart, envisioning a world where all stories matter.

Our platform encourages inclusive stories inspired by South-Asian culture and storytelling. We build creative workshops, children’s books, and toolkits for aspiring writers, parents, K-12 educators, libraries and kids aged 6-14.


November Workshops

For certificate courses, check THIS page. Our programs are open to kids and adults

Katha Creative Writing Classes for kids

Kids aged 8+ can join the Katha workshop for 6 weeks as an after school activity from Nov 6 to Dec 11. Sign up 🙂

Meet award-winning writers in a panel

Award winning authors Dur e Aziz Amna, bestselling author Ram Gidoomal and publisher Prabhu Guptara🙂

Build a Story Map & story of new Jinn Darazgosh

Combine art and stories in a wonderful workshop for the holidays to make a story map online Dec 8 and 9. Ages: 7+


Building Storytellers in our communities





In 2023, we worked with 350+ teachers and shared storytelling sessions. We also worked with 150+ leaders for our brand storytelling program.

In 2023 we have produced programs for: Austin Public Library, the Priory School, Montreal, Guidepost Montessori, Austin, the Doon University, Dehradun, Valley View Elementary School, Austin, the City School, Lahore, and many more that we have engaged with through our flagship event, Varta.

Varta literary and cultural festival in Dehradun

Why this matters?

Your stories will make the world better in 100 years. An inclusive and empathetic world is our gift to the next generation of storytellers.

10% or so curriculum books for K-12 are from diverse authors. Over 70% children’s and young adult books published in the United States feature white characters or animals as leads.

Many people – especially children from diverse backgrounds do not see themselves reflected in media.

Our core mission is to create an inclusive platform and space for children so they have a sense of belonging and are inspired to live creative lives.


Our programs and community work

storytelling workshops for kids


Peerbagh began as a children’s monthly magazine in Montreal. Since then, we have published 100s of student stories, run quarterly creative writing contests, and storytelling sessions with kids. We will publish 15 audio stories by kids in 2023. Our authors have also published 2 children’s books and toolkits in 2023.

Our storytelling sessions, Katha, are available through local schools, libraries or online. We worked with 170+ students in 2023. In the fall of 2023, we are partnered with Austin Public Library for a series of 6 creative writing workshops.

2000 students from 129 schools participated in and 50+ students joined us as volunteers in our cultural & literary festival, Varta in 2023.


Since 2021, alongside our incredible partners, we’ve reached 3000 schools and connected with 60,000 teachers across India, Austin, and Montreal through inspiring workshops.

In 2023, we worked with over 500 teachers with a range of diverse capacity-building programs including Vedic Math, Origami, and Storytelling. 10 passionate teachers graduated in an enriching storytelling and creative confidence course, The Blue Sky for which we offer 50 scholarships annually for educators. Over 120 schools participated in our recently concluded Varta cultural and literary festival.



In order to build creative confidence in the new crop of storytellers, and to spotlight South-Asian culture and experiences, we offer two interview series: Kitabi Qisse and Likhawat
We promote diverse books (South-Asian) using the #onedesibook hashtag on Instagram and on the Peerbagh journal under the diverse book finder.

As a part of our work in reviving and promoting dying storytelling and folk art forms, we work on a series called Zubaani where we talk about these. We have collaborated with 100+ creatives for various programs in 2023.

Support the mission

Create inclusive worlds

Community Testimonials


Love the passion and enthusiasm of Peerbagh to promote the love of literature among kids and inspire them to delve into the world of books. It has been a pleasure getting to know them. Truly appreciate the tremendous support they offer to us authors. – Vidya Murlidhar, Author, The Adventures of Rinni & Bo


What a great experience learning about all the great work they do to raise awareness about South Asian voices in storytelling! Thank you for hosting me on your panel, and highlighting my work as an American desi author.
Jyoti Gopal, Author, American Desi


It was an excellent session to learn a new method of teaching and emphasizing storytelling as a way. I learned how to tell a story effectively. – Middle School Teacher, Blue Sky Participant

This was excellent. My whole weekend was made!
– Varta Student Volunteer


What a wonderful program you planned and I’m sure all these activities have enthused kids immensely. I am really looking forward to being a part of this exciting event and those in the future. Where do you get this energy?
– Varta Attendee


Thank you for modeling vulnerability with boundaries – and for sharing with us and thank you for reinforcing some important ideas and modeling for us how to consider our personal stories in our work. Such a refreshing presentation!
Blue Sky DIVE participant

Discover storytelling tips and stay inspired!

We write a beautiful newsletter with tips for parents, educators, creatives and kids to get book recommendations through our diverse book finder & new creative confidence ideas. Expect feelings, fun, South Asian culture (Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb), and a lot more!

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