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As a nonprofit and small business, we often go through planning phases to consider how we can serve our community better. This includes thinking through all of the questions that matter – both to our brand, and most importantly to our community. You need to answer these to find your story. Every time you’re thinking of building something unique or world-changing, ask yourself these questions. It deserves some time and energy and your long-term vision depends on it.

Questions that matter Storytelling-workshops-and-diwali-event-at-Austin

10 Questions That Matter

  1. What are you doing that’s unique or difficult?
  2. What important issues are you trying to solve?
  3. How is your approach different from others?
  4. How do people perceive you?
  5. What’s your unique contribution to the world?
  6. Why does it matter?
  7. What/who are you trying to change?
  8. What’s your biggest belief?
  9. What’s the biggest challenge you face?
  10. What does your final output/change look like?

At the end of the year, it’s a good exercise to think through to plan ahead. Have you been planning 2024 already?