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As we always say, the year’s gone flying by. It’s that time of the year when we take stock of how things went by and what we can do to improve the next year. Peerbagh works with a mission to build storytellers and diversify our bookshelves. We work with parents, families, and children through storytelling workshops to make it happen. Here are our top 24 new year resolutions to help you raise amazing storytellers in 2024. Have you thought of your resolutions yet?

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25 new year resolutions to help you raise amazing storytellers in 2024

24 New Year Resolutions To Help You Raise an Awesome Storyteller in 2024

1- Think about stories you heard as a child from parents and grandparents. Bring them back! Make an effort to integrate nostalgia and storytelling in your daily life as a parent.

2- Avoid using SMS/ chat lingo even for daily usage. There’s no room for LOL in real writing.

3- Read more books of diverse genres with multicultural settings this year. YES!

4- Take care of physical, mental and spiritual health. Our health inspires our writing. We need analog desks.

5- Obsess and run with passions. The best ideas need nourishing.

6- Think of writing as an activity that doesn’t need perfection. Done is better than perfect.


7- Use hands. Find ways to join creative classes, storytelling sessions, and connect with various different kinds of media without always needing digital tools and screens.

8- Make story goals. Find an accountability group or partners to come together with for writing. Make it social!

9- Write everyday, even if it is 50 words.

10- Divide ambitious creative projects into small chunks to hold interest.

11- Encourage an ugly first draft, without waiting for the best idea to turn up.

12-Find a story coach and mentor who can help guide all first drafts and provide constructive feedback for growth.

13- Avoid creating a circle of negativity, and a culture of shame. It’s okay to fail.

14- Use feedback to reinvent and improve ideas.

15- Do not take criticism from people you will not go to advice for. Criticism must have context. Do not discourage a young writer. Believe in their talent.


16- Actively listen to new ideas, observations, and keep the smartphone away. Aim for connection to find a truly creative space and feeling.

17- Find what works for your young creative. Have them build their own creative manifesto (sign up to our newsletter to get a free tool). Lead with self-awareness, and have your young writer create the process that works for them. Everyone creates differently.

18- Encourage imagination and lateral thinking. Give yourself and your young writer permission to create without fear.

19- Find a comfortable spot to write. Space matters! Find what works best for your ideas.


20- Try different locations when it feels like nothing is flowing. Join a class, take a walk, talk to others. It changes the energy.

21- Interact with friends, peers, and build a community.

22- Try to meet people with different interests.


23-Organize creative inspirations. You get new ideas from newsletters, blogs, Instagram, fairs, museums, books. Put them together in a way that you can find them.

24- Be flexible and be ready for improvisation. The best laid plans will not work, and that’s okay!

Everyone has a different relationship with resolutions. We believe action creates motivation, not the other way round. That’s why we set resolutions to inspire action. Do you have any specific writing or storytelling resolutions for next year? Do share them with us! 🙂

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