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Many high-schoolers in urban India or Pakistan grew up with Jane Austen classics in their school years. Thanks to incredible authors in the diaspora, these same stories are now available for us to enjoy with cups of chai and desi aunties in tow. Here are some recent South-Asian adaptations of Jane Austen books that will prove to be great summer reads!

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3 desi adaptations of Jane Austen Classics

  1. Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal: The Binat sisters of small town Dilipabad go through the ordeals of life without suitors and with ambitions. Although set 100 years after Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice, it still fits within the context of the desi sisters in Pakistan trying to find their space. It also reminds one of the Gurinder Chadha/ Aishwarya Rai film Bride & Prejudice from 2004 which was set in the India.
  2. Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin: Pakistani-Canadian author sets this story in Toronto also an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It also tries to dispel stereotypes around Muslims in the process. Uzma has a new book coming up (Much Ado About Nada) that’s an adaptation of Persuasian.
  3. The Emma Project by Sonali Dev: Emma in an Indian-American avatar is worth spending a summer day curled up around. It has the nuance, romance, drama, all set in familiar desi settings. A fitting end to the series by Dev is worth checking out!
  4. Rosewood- A midsummer meet cute by Sayantani Dasgupta: Sense and sensibility gets a new retelling in Dasgupta’s new book. We meet Bengali-American teens in familiar settings with drama, love, and all the feels!
South-Asian Adaptations of Jane Austen Classics

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