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Our theme for the month of February is love and we have a post from Peerbagh reporter, Taesung Tao. Love can take on many forms – self-love, familial love, romance, and more. Here is a collection of young adult and children’s books on love for February. These books (and a lot more) are curated by age in our maker’s box (free for members) here.

With the Asian Lunar year, just beginning, our book recommendation list is covering the broader AAPI work this time! Find these books in your libraries, and small bookstores.

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5 Children’s Books on Love for Valentine’s Day

  1. Eyes That Kiss in the Corners: A book about loving your differences by Joanna Ho and Dung Ho, ages 2 and up. A young Asian girl notices her eyes appear different from her classmates, but she loves how she resembles the strong women in her family. This picture book teaches kids how to celebrate their unique features. 
  1. Luna Finds Love Everywhere: A self-love book for kids by Shainna Ali and Catarina Oliveira, ages 3 and up. Luna is a joyful little girl who learns how to spread kindness even when things aren’t going her way. This picture book helps kids learn how to love themselves and others. 
  1. Room in Your Heart: A book about kindness and generosity by Kunzang Choden, ages 4 and up. Wandering travelers ask a kind lady for help, and she welcomes them into her home time and time again. This illustrated kids’ book teaches children the importance of openness and goodwill towards strangers. 
  1. American Betiya: A young adult romance book about exploring artistic expression and identity by Anuradha D. Rajurkar, ages 12-17. A young artist named Rani begins a cross-cultural relationship with a boy named Oliver. This novel examines all the nuanced feelings of first love. 
  1. Counting Down With You: A romance novel about accidental love by Tashie Bhuiyan, ages 13-17. Karina Ahmed begins tutoring Ace Clyde, and a simple lie starts snowballing into actual love. This young adult book explores unexpected romance and encourages teens to be true to themselves. 

asian children's books on love for valentine's day

Books are a great way to get children and teenagers engaged with the important topics of love and kindness! What books are you reading this month? Feel free to share with us on Instagram or write to us directly! 

About: Taesung Tao is a reporter for Peerbagh and a student in UT Austin.