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Our theme for the month of June is, “Be Right Back.” It brings back self-compassion and also takes us back to some uncomfortable places. In this theme, we have a few BIPOC books about grief, loss, and stories of finding meaning. The books cover a wide span from experiences of refugees, to children dealing with unexpected loss in their lives. We often find meaning in books, and writing, so think of these books as safe places for themes that are harder to confront.

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5 BIPOC books about grief, loss, and stories of finding yourself

  1. Long Way Down, Jason Reynolds: You’re going down the elevator with your dead friends and relatives, in verse. Will you follow the rules? A national book award finalist, this book is extraordinary. We recommend it for ages 12 and above.
  2. I’ll See You In The Moon: A Book About Loss for Kids, Camryn Wells: Feelings of not having the person to hug anymore can be overwhelming for kids (and adults). This is a story of finding resilience and power in memories and stories that bind us, emotionally. Recommended for a reading with kids aged 4+.
  3. I Can’t Believe They’re Gone: A kid’s grief book that hugs, helps, and gives hope, Karen Brough , Hiruni Kariyawasam: The mouse family has lost someone close. They all try to process the emotions differently. Finally with the help of Mr. Bear, they found power in sharing memories and in togetherness. You will find beautiful illustrations in the picture book. Read together with kids aged 4+.
  4. What We Remember Will Be Saved: A Story of Refugees and the Things They Carry, Stephanie Seldana: Journalist Seldana talks about stories of refugees and internally displaced people from Syria and neighboring countries. In doing so, she showcases the human impact of conflict. The book also shows us what we keep when all is lost.
  5. Grief Is Love: Living with Loss, Marisa Renee Lee: Marisa is an expert in coping with grief. The book talks about creating a space for grief, so that we can own it, and build a life of joy while living with it.

Do you have any books that cover this topic that you would like to share? Do share your favorites with us!


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