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In our family, we like to have quiet times through the summer day that allow all of us time to read. Some books are great to read together, while some are wonderful challenges for early readers. Here is a list of South Asian chapter books for early readers, once children are beginning to be independent. Exploring different worlds and ideas through books is a great way to live and travel (while at home!).

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5 Chapter Books for Early Readers

  1. The Yasmin Series by Saadia Faruqi: Young readers will love Yasmin’s ability to be so many things, and to find answers to many problems. Of course Ammi and a dose of yummy desi treats.
  2. The Mehndi Boy by Zain Bendali: Young Tehzeb finds joy in the artform of Mehndi. But how can he experience this creative joy as a boy? This illustrated book is a wonderful read!
  3. Sona Sharma, Looking After Mother Earth by Chitra Soundar: A little girl turns into a climate activist, and is about to change things around her. Can she convince her grandmother, and those around her to save the planet?
  4. Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed by Madhvi Ramani: Nina’s parents can’t stop telling her about India. And now she’s in her shed having the adventures of her life – a tiger, a film star, a mind reading Sadhu all come along!
  5. Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins: Ten-year-old Naima lives in Bangladesh, excels at painting designs called alpanas. But she may have to disguise herself as a boy, drive a rickshaw, and face the world to save her family out of financial troubles. This is a must read for grades 2-5!

5 South Asian Chapter Books for Early Readers

Which books have you been enjoying at home? We love some new recommendations, and you can find more of the books we read on our Instagram.


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