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Can this post begin with a pet peeve? Not only are we concerned that there are so few books available that feature South-Asian leads, our other challenge is that the ones that are published are not known. We don’t always find book lists that showcase South-Asian books for the entire family. So, we decided to create this challenge for ourselves and our wonderful community. Join us for this South-Asian 30-day book challenge and come read with us. Curl up, it’s the holidays. Get some chai too!

How to join the South-Asian 30-day book challenge

It’s simple. Look at the infographic here. We will be sharing our reads each day on our Instagram stories. You can join in and tag us so we can share your reads further with our community. After we go through all the books, we will share a free printable with all our newsletter subscribers and add books that our community is recommending. If you are a South-Asian author, please share your books so we can add them to the list.

We are hoping that our parents get some ideas on which books to read through this list, and continue to share new books with kids.

South-Asian 30-day book challenge

For more South-Asian book recommendations, look up our resources here. You can sign up to our newsletter to get regular updates on South-Asian books and authors including some new upcoming books too. Peerbagh publishes about 3-4 books in a year. These are activity-based books with a South-Asian emphasis. You can find these books on our bookstore here.

If you would like to recommend books for us to review or authors for us to connect with for interviews, do not hesitate to drop us a note. We love hearing from our community. If you’re a parent, we are open to accepting stories from young readers for winter. You can share stories with us here.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we hope it is full of stories and books.