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Peerbagh is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the city of Austin, Texas. Your support and donations to the program and community are tax exempt.

Our mission

Peerbagh’s mission is to improve teacher, librarian, and parent skills and bring the lost art of storytelling into the classroom or teaching environment through art, creative writing, theater, cultural inquisitiveness, and oral storytelling.

We conduct South-Asia-inspired storytelling workshops, publish children’s books, story capsules (audio and video) and create toolkits for educators and families. We create an inclusive space for ALL children, so they have a sense of belonging and build creative confidence.

We provide tools for families and educators so they will be empowered to be cultural change agents. Through these tools, we train educators and parents to introduce diverse perspectives and critical thinking in children.

We also support South-Asian and other global artists in these areas to revive or practice their art forms.

We work out of Austin, Montreal, Dehradun, and via Zoom screens everywhere.

Our Name

Peerbagh (read : pir – baag) translates to a garden of the wise (pir usually refers to a Sufi spiritual guide). The name originates from Peerbagh, a residential neighborhood in Srinagar, Kashmir, where the founding team comes from.

Here’s more about our leadership team.

Our work

What are we doing?

Katha Storytelling for children

We work with children in an age group of 6-14 years. Storytelling for children is a fun and effective way to teach kids.

South Asian storytelling is a rich tradition with incorporating music, art, and other engaging media. We leverage these frameworks to help children find their creative expression.

We organize various in-person online workshops (Katha) to deliver the programs.

For parents and families

We offer parenting tips and ideas for South Asian cultural immersion at home with kids. This includes our journal newsletter.

Parents can also check out children’s books, and toolkits available for parent-and-me activities that can be done at home or during digital workshops open to parents and children.

We also organize Desi bookclubs at Austin and Montreal to connect with other parents.

For educators and non-profits

For educators looking to build creative skills our LIVE creative confidence course, the blue sky is focused on story frameworks.

On-demand toolkits, books are available for educators to teach. We offer 1:1 coaching, as well as workshops with a cohort of teachers in an institute on request at

We publish a few books a year, and are always open to doing in-person workshops/readings at schools.

Our approach and storytelling techniques

South Asian storytelling is a rich tradition that has been passed down for generations. It encompasses a wide range of stories, from ancient myths and legends to modern tales. At Peerbagh, we leverage these frameworks and raise storytellers who are confident to use these storytelling techniques and find creative expression.

Our job is to provide our community with the tools, knowledge and get out of the way to let them be creators and dreamers! We encourage the community to own the cultural narrative that makes us one.  

Here’s how we deliver:

  • Build engaging online and offline spaces for real learning. 
  • Teach by doing and building creative confidence – not making progress the enemy of perfection.
  • Create a community platform – curating and publishing books, story capsules, workshops, and toolkits to foster a sense of creative joy and love for reading.

Join our Katha workshops to get started!

Meet our leadership team

Peerbagh has been lucky to recruit incredible leaders and experts who guide our work. Meet with our board and leadership team here.

All our team members, volunteers, and community works on the same mission. Here’s our manifesto to learn why.

Peerbagh board and leadership
Peerbagh core values and leadership team

Our Core Values

We help our community members experience a sense of belonging. Our approach brings fun, inclusivity, and a sense of nostalgia. We present a creative outlet to empower diverse parenting and teaching experiences for South Asians and those interested in immersing in the culture.


Peerbagh has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the non-profit, Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF, This partnership enables us to deliver skill-building workshops at scale in India. We’re also excited to be able to help raise funds for the foundation with our programs to help them scale their educational campaigns.

About MIEF

Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Delhi, India. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization has worked on community development through the promotion of science, art, culture, and language, especially for marginalized communities.

For the last 20 years, MIEF has built platforms and content that makes information accessible to children, schools and learners across all ages. Some of their work has included capacity-building and skill-development workshops, innovative delivery for knowledge-sharing to build scientific curiosity in school children, content creation and publishing for health awareness, and more. In the last couple of years, the organization has worked 1200+ schools and over 140,000 students from across India through digital workshops on various topics.


If you represent a children or storytelling-focused organization in South Asia, and would like to partner with us, please write to us directly at