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Inspiration for your stories and creative exploration can come in many forms. Whether, like Steve Jobs, you move to Nainital and get your special idea. Or you sit on your couch, reading books for creative inspiration that change you life. It’s true, getting insights from people who’ve managed to see the world differently allows you to question your own stand. We are listing our favorite books here which have allowed us to stay inspired, especially in moments of doubt. Tell us yours!

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Top 10 Books For Creative Inspiration

1. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Rene Brown’s a master at inspiring us to see within. Her book allows you to seek the vulnerabilities in your life and use them to your advantage. She also encourages you to create an atmosphere of transparency and vulnerability in your workplace for better, more sustainable leadership. In one way or the other, this book will inspire you to create something more out of your lives- at work or personally.

2.The Magic of the Lost Story

Everybody’s favorite writer, Sudha Murty writes a delightful story with Nooni discovering a little puzzle in the family’s history. This is sure to get us all in the mode of exploring lost stories and family memories. Tell us how it went, okay?

3. Born to Run

Christopher McDougall shares the story of the legendary Tarahumara Indians who are superlative runners. He traces the ideas and inspirations followed by the best runners in the world and the secrets of their success. This allows you to seek the success mantras and the basic joy for your own runs (whatever they may be), for all of us are indeed, born to run!

4. Start with Why

Simon Sinek is no stranger to the world of inspiration. From his inspirational TED talk to his amazing ability to make you notice more than you see, you’re in for a great doze of inspiration. The book pushes you to test your boundaries and get the ideas that inspire and make your thinking creative. If you’re struggling with coming up with thoughts that are out of the box, start with a why!

5. Bird by Bird

Every writer needs to read this amazing book by Anne Lamott. In her own words, Anne says,

This is definitely a book that’ll send you soul-searching about ideas that deeply impact you as a person and a writer. Go slow and reach fast.

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6. Creative Confidence

While it is true that we all have ideas, few of us have the courage to share them and work at them to create something new. Having an idea that you never share is as good as not having an idea at all. It’s important to have the ability to fail with your idea to stay creative. Tom and David Kelly show you why and allow you to learn how you can build your creative confidence.

7. The War of Art: break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles

Have you ever felt that you’re questioning the very basis of who you are. Am I really creative? Steven Pressfield allows you to dwell over these questions and think though your inner battles. In his own words,

8. Yasmin the Painter

Ever started something new and wondered if you can do it? This delightful little nugget is for kids (and adults) when they begin their new job as a creative or painters. Saadia Faruqi writes a story about a little Yasmin who is in for a surprise.

9. Lil’ Danny Runs the Race

Mama has a surprise for Danny. She signed him up for a mile fun run. Will he be able to finish? This is a book for children and grown ups who embark upon the journey of learning something new. Whether it’s your first mile, or your first step, we’re all learning, all the time. How do we make sure that we stay motivated all along? This story of a little beaver in Detroit from Upasna is fun.

10. Be a Creative Changemaker a Kids’ Art Activity Book: Inspired by the Amazing Life Stories of Diverse Artists from Around the World

The book will release in Jan 2024 and is on this list for the tremendous potential for creativity it offers kids. It includes projects from diverse artists from around the world including Jamini Roy (whose work we love!).

Watch how you hone your skills and the inspirations you take along, chances are your creative confidence will only grow! What are some of your recommendations for winter reading?