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We publish or curate books on South Asian themes and feature South Asian creators. If you’d like to submit your work to be curated on this page, please reach us at

Maker Box: Activity toolkits for families

Children learn with play. We believe cultural learning can also be passed on effectively through play-based activities. For this reason, we will release a Maker Box for families each month in 2024. These boxes are curated as per editorial themes throughout the year for our member community.

Creative Writing Camp for Kids


MAKER BOX: Building Storytellers

The maker box encourages building reading, writing, and listening skills for kids. We encourage families to do the activities together. The boxes are generally shipped in US, Canada and India. They can be sent digitally in the rest of the world.

The April maker box will ship digitally, except the book which will be shipped separately.

Recommended donation for the Maker Box is $20/month (paid annually) or $35/month (paid monthly). You can also get a digital box on a donation of $30/month (paid monthly).

Previous Maker Boxes

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Theme of love and inclusion

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Children’s Books and Toolkits

We also publish a few books a year with our publishing partners. These books are a part of our Maker Box toolkits or serve to convey South-Asian cultural experiences or stories often not found in mainstream media.

If you would like to invite us to your schools or libraries for a read aloud or story session, please email us. If you represent a bookstore that would like to host our books, let us know by emailing us HERE.

For our journal subscribers, we offer many free toolkits that you can download easily once you are subscribed to our newsletter. You can also donate $5 to get these toolkits directly, if you wish.

Holi Activity Book (ages 6-10 years)

Festival of Colors and Love: Prahlad and Nida Learn about holi

Prahlad and Nida Learn About Holi: The Festival of Love and Colors

Join Prahlad and Nida as they learn about the festival and a story behind why we celebrate Holi.

This story was published with partial support from the We ALL Belong campaign of the City of Austin.

You can find it HERE.

December toolkit: Here is a Hindustani Crossword Puzzle that you can download and print to solve with your families.

Crossword puzzle Hindi Urdu

Journal subscribers will get this in their December newsletter. It will be sent out on December 19th.

You can also download this toolkit to practice Hindustani words by donating $5 to us as a non-member.

Children’s Books

We launched two activity books in 2003 for kids. These are books we usually read and perform during our workshops. Kids who are a part of our workshops and classes are able to get these books for free. In 2024, we will be offering them during select events and will also be shipping them with some Maker Boxes.


The Enchanting Saga of Ravan’s Lost Boon: Folktales from the Kashmiri Ramayan

Ravan has received a boon from Shiva to protect himself from Ram in the great war. But how did he lose it? First-ever transliteration of a folktale from the Kashmiri Ramayana. This book also provides activity pages to journal, create crafts and cook.

Ages: 8-12 years

Suggested Donation: $9.99 (plus shipping) ; 42-page, colorful, illustrated book

20odle 20o: A South-Asian Dad’s Story and Keepsake Journal (for you!)
A story of an immigrant family in the pandemic in Michigan. From the perspective of a very expressive desi Dad (and a toddler!).

Each book gets delivered with a FREE family journaling pages. It’s something for the whole family to enjoy together.

Ages: 3-8 years

Suggested Donation: $9.99 (plus shipping) ; 32-page, colorful, illustrated book


Audio stories

Original short stories created during our Katha story writing events or creative writing workshops. These are narrated directly by the children who have written the stories. Published with permission from parents and our young authors.

We also produce audio stories for kids on a thematic basis on folk stories.