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We are driven by a single mission—to ignite the spark of imagination and inspire creative confidence.

We envision a world where all stories matter.

We are highly inspired by South-Asian storytelling forms that we bring to all children and adults.

Stories is where we see ourselves. Stories matter. And if ALL kids independent of their diversities do not see themselves represented, they do not feel a sense of belonging. We all lose a world that’s richer and more diverse. We empower kids, parents, and educators to build creative confidence, so they can become future storytellers.

Peerbagh is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the city of Austin, Texas. We are here to serve our communities and together we can make a new story.

Only 10% of curriculum books in K-12 are written by authors of color.

70% books published have lead characters that are white or animals.

We can change these statistics and make a difference together! With your support, we can provide all children, teachers, and parents with tools that will help move the needle.

Our programs and Impact

In 2023, we engaged with 150+ schools, and 3000 kids, certified 10+ teachers, provided skill-based workshops to 300+ teachers, and 170+ children in free and affordable events and workshops. We worked from three in-person locations – Austin, Montreal, and Dehradun. We also worked globally through online workshops. We worked with 200+ South-Asian artists, writers, and illustrators to give them a platform to spotlight their work within our community. We published 2 South-Asia inspired children’s books, and are on track to produce 15 audio-stories by kids. We were lucky to find partners like the Austin Public Library, the City of Austin, the Michigan Asian American Pacific islander Association, Ann Arbor District Library, Government of Uttarakhand, Millennium India Education Foundation, Doon University and several public and private schools in the three cities we operate in for our programs. All our programming is intentionally created to bring more diverse stories in the public sphere, and help build creative confidence especially in young storytellers.

Volunteer with us


Your support helps us create tangible impact, build the next generation of storytellers, and reach more communities.

To join as a volunteer, fill this form and reach us.


We are looking for volunteers – parents, educators, librarians who can write, share their stories, and introduce us to local schools, libraries, your organizations and other nonprofit institutes so we can bring our programs to ALL kids in North America, Asia, and globally everywhere.

Our programs are in-person and online available for free or at affordable entry points, so that we all benefit. You can request a storytelling session HERE.

Join our Leadership Board

Our leadership board members are volunteers who are committing to work with the Peerbagh team on various initiatives, and be a part of the executive board. Current applications are closed, and once they open we will share them on our channels. If you would like to send us an open application, please email us HERE.

Student Reporters

Our student reporter program will pilot in 2023 and officially launch in 2024. We are inviting currently enrolled students to become published authors! They will review books, interview authors, write stories, and win books, swag, and free creative writing workshops for working as volunteers.

To enroll your child in our student reporter program, fill the form here.


Your support is tax-exempt and goes toward building our diverse programming for kids and adults.