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Halloween is definitely a thing in the west, but it’s also gaining momentum in the Indian subcontinent, particularly in cities. Children are finally able to go trick and treating. Everyone loves a good dress-up and treat holiday. Isn’t it? With our special focus on South-Asia, we wanted to share some scary books for kids to go with the mood of the day. When you’re ending the day with too many candies, having some books to calm down is very helpful. Add these to your South-Asian book collection.

Scary books for kids Halloween reading from South Asia

Here are some scary books for kids from South Asian authors:

  1. Vikram and Betaal stories or Betaal Pachisi by Somdev Bhatt: This epic contains stories told to king Vikramaditya from the ghost Betaal. Betaal narrates stories that are unique and interesting, but if Vikram speaks, Betaal will fly back to his tree. Does Vikram catch Betaal?
  2. The Ghost of Malabar by Soumya Ayer: 12 year old Edwin meets a chatty ghost of a fisherman, Velu is all chaos ensues. It’s funny, engaging, and has tons of suspense. We like it for adults too!
  3. The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani DasGupta – This is a fast-paced adventure story about a young Indian-American girl who discovers that she is an interdimensional demon-slayer. The book features Indian mythology and is both scary and exciting. Highly recommend!
  4. Folk Tales of the North East by Sudhamahi Regunathan: If you are not interested in scary or horror, there are also folk tales that always have interesting elements, djinns, and friendly ghosts to attract young readers. Folk Tales of the North East has interesting stories that have a little gory element but always end with a moral that can be a wonderful message to share!

Do you have any favorite scary and spooky books you read as a child? DM and share your favorites with us!