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Summer is here in all its fury. If you’re up north or in the hills or somewhere in the monsoons, you are safe from the burning fires of Austin. But it is what it is. So, we are eager to find our energy through lazy days, writing camps, and long reads. No matter what you’re doing, make your summer’s tale a story to remember and energize your creative inspirations. We have some ideas that will help too!

July theme inspirations and mood board

In July, we’re embracing the theme “A Summer’s Tale,” focusing on bringing sunshine into our creative lives. For our moodboard, we’ve chosen one compelling movie and book that have inspired us.

🎬Shoutout to any Wes Andersen fans, but is there a camp movie other than Moonrise Kingdom? Sure, but, this has so many layers that dear community, our answer is yes. Have you made a movie night of this classic with your teens?

📚Then there’s Ruskin Bond who is the hero of every little nook in the hills, but also train journeys on weird stations. If you’re on a summer holiday that involves the Indian subcontinent or trains, you need it.

Throughout the month, we’ll share book recommendations, stories, writing tips, and exciting events centered around this theme. We hope you find the love you need in these stories. And if you don’t, we encourage you to write your own.

Summer is a wonderful time to get a breather and find moments to slow down and fine tune your creative inspirations. For July, we have a couple of little events:

Learning how to write a story: Our student reporters will meet with a journalist to learn how to write stories. You can help by filling their survey too. It is HERE.

Story Critique: We are meeting South Asian writers and storytellers for a critique session. DM us if you are interested in joining. This will happen on July 27th (online and in Austin).

Readathon with Pratham USA: We are joining the Pratham volunteers and teams on July 21st for a readathon. It will help raise funds for children’s libraries in India. This is happening at the Austin Public Library and is open for everyone.

If you’re out and about in July, have the most wonderful summer!


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