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South-Asian folk audio stories for kids and families

We recently launched Zubaani- an audio storytelling capsule documenting folk stories for children. These are rich stories from South-Asia that build curiosity and share values and cultural information. We will release 12 episodes in 2024.

Story 1: Gar Deevta, Khetchimavas, and Dulla Bhatti (Kashmir and Punjab)
Story 2: Adam Khan and Durkhanai (Afghanistan)
Story 3: Jayamala the queen of the elephants (Assam)
Story 4: A Koel saves the Mango Trees (Magahi)

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Space Travel by Aadrith Anand

For the spring short story contest organized by Peerbagh on the theme “Sky” or “Aasman”, Aadrith wrote a story on Space Travel. Norte Scalibur is an eleven-year-old kid with dreams of becoming an astronaut. His dreams are coming through as he joins friends in traveling through the solar system, discovering planets, and ultimately finding adventure as they see a black hole!

Aadrith is a student at Pride Elementary, Florida and submitted this story for the 9-12 years age group.

Note: Published with permission from the parents and our young authors.

Story transcript

Space Travel 

Norte Scalibur was an eleven-year-old kid with dreams of becoming an astronaut. And that one night his dream became a reality. He was jumping on his bed when his mom told him he was picked to be one of the three test subjects to visit the other seven planets of the Solar System. He was supposed to arrive at 4:00 A.M sharp tomorrow. Even if he were one minute late, he would be rejected. 

Things got off to a bad start when he arrived one minute late to the place. But they still let him in, and he met his companions for the first time. Surprisingly, the other subjects were none other than his best friend Amari (who is also 11) and his little brother Jack who was nine. As they prepared to leave, Jack realized that no one else was on the ship. But the only thing left was a note saying, “Dear Norte, Amari, and Jack, you are going to be the only ones on this ship! You will have to control it on your own! Good luck, and do not forget to put on your space helmets.” “What!” blubbered Amari. “We’re not even teenagers and we are supposed to control a high-tech spaceship.” “Chill man,” Norte said. Just then the ship started! 

When they first escaped the gravitational pull of Earth, everyone felt a bit lightheaded and felt like they were going to vomit. Jack then passed out the spacesuits to Norte and Amari. Just that instant, Norte realized he could float so he traveled to the control booth and spoke into the microphone. “Attention juvenile delinquents! You must follow my command or else I will crash into Venus!” Everyone had a good chuckle over that. Just then everyone realized that they were closing in on Venus. They were awestruck by the magnitude of Earth’s sister planet. Everyone found a notepad and took notes about Venus. It was like “A big planet with an atmosphere which was burning hot” or “A ginormous planet with a yellowish atmosphere. Everyone suddenly realized they were being drawn toward this planet. Before Norte could stop it, they were trapped in an orbit around Venus. And the worst part was they had a retrograde orbit, so they were beginning to feel dizzy. Norte was getting the feeling that they were moving closer and closer to Venus. But suddenly right before they were about to crash into Venus itself, Jack lunged forward and moved the throttle making them speed past Earth and stop right at Mars. “You’re a lifesaver, Jack!” Amari exclaimed. 

Norte tapped Amari on the shoulder and said “Look.” Amari turned and caught his first glimpse of Mars in real life. “Why is it so red?” he asked. “It’s because Mars is covered with rust, which looks red.,” Jack responded. They also took notes about Mars. “I wonder how it would feel to land on Mars” Norte pondered. “Let’s find out,” said Amari. And before Norte could stop him, Amari turned the throttle and they crashed into Mars. When everyone got out, they started scrubbing their helmets because it was so dusty on Mars. Luckily, their spaceship was not broken from that insane dive. Jack then spotted what looked like a robot. “It must be Curiosity,” he said. Everyone else covered their ears because they had transmitters, and it amplified their voice by about five times. “Sorry” Jack whispered. “It’s cool bro.” Amari replied. 

They started to walk around and found more robots on the surface. “That must be Spirit and Opportunity,” Jack said. Everyone agreed that they would take back Spirit and Opportunity because they were not working anymore. They also decided that they would take a few samples of Martian rocks back to Earth so scientists could study them. “We’re going to be famous!” Norte squealed. “Yeah” agreed Amari. Everyone clambered back on the ship, and Norte took off. After about 45 minutes of silence, they arrived at Jupiter. They were so amazed by the size and took notes. You could almost see the sparks from their pencils because they were writing so much. “I wish we could go into Jupiter,” Jack said. “Yeah,” said Amari. “But there is no solid surface there, so we cannot go in,” Norte said. “And even if I could, I would not. Do you see that storm there? It’s been raging for centuries and is 3 times wider than EARTH!”, Jack replied. “Well, it’s time for us to move on to Saturn” Norte stated. As they zoomed past Jupiter, Norte had the idea to click on the button for turbo speed. But when he did, the spaceship zoomed all the way to Neptune. “Woah” exclaimed Amari. They took notes on Neptune and started going to the area after Neptune. After an hour, they had already passed the Oort Cloud. 

They then realized that they were out of the Solar System. As they kept on going, they realized that the part of Space that they were going to pass was way darker than the other parts. It was almost as if they were being drawn to it. “It’s a black hole” screamed Jack. “Put the pedal to the metal” Amari yelled. But there was nothing that they could do. They all started feeling like they were stretching out. All their notepads soon dissipated because the force of gravity was too strong. 

Jack screamed at Norte to use the teleport button on the panel of the spaceship to teleport back home. As Norte tried to enter the destination, something weird happened. They saw a dark black ring near them. It was so big that nothing was visible, not even light. Behind them, they realized that there were huge stars which were red and orange. Just then Jack yelled, “Wake up Norte!” Norte woke up and realized that he fell asleep and had a dream on the ride on the school bus back home. “Guys, when we grow up, we should be astronauts!”, he said. “Sure”, said Amari. “We’ll get trapped in a Black Hole at the end!”, Jack said. Everyone had a gook chuckle over that! 

But no one knew why Norte was laughing the hardest! 


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Cloud City by Arwan Siddiqui

For the spring short story contest organized by Peerbagh on the theme “Sky” or “Aasman”, Arwan wrote a story, Cloud City. Once upon a time, in a sudden moment, Ben’s whole life was changed. He now had a mean uncle, UFOs, and the need to save the Cloud City, even as he slipped into the ultra dimension. Will he find his way back? Listen in!

Arwan is a student at Bruce Trail Public School, Milton, Ontario, Canada and submitted this story for the 6-8 years age group.

Note: Published with permission from the parents and our young authors.

Story transcript

The Cloud City 

Once upon a time there was a Cloud Kingdom in the sky. The Cloud Kingdom had two parts: North and South. The North and South of the Cloud Kingdom were both ruled by one king, who lived in its capital city called the Cloud city. This story begins on a hot day when a boy named Ben turned six. Ben’s mom woke him up by saying “Ben you are late – I want you downstairs in four minutes. You are going to be late for school.” When Ben got downstairs his mum and dad started singing “Happy Birthday to you”. Suddenly a flash of green light surrounded his mum and dad – they were gone. That’s when Ben’s life changed forever. He was sent off to his mean uncle. His uncle was the only family member left alive. That’s how Ben’s life became absolutely miserable. But that was about to change. One peculiar morning Ben came downstairs. His uncle placed a bowl of cold cereal in front of him. He said, “Eat” in a cold voice. Ben sat down and ate. When he started walking to school, he saw a crowd of people outside the house across the street except it wasn’t a house – it was a UFO. The UFO had landed right on top of the house flattening it. However, things were going to get a lot more peculiar. The day was completely normal until Ben went to the science class. When he was walking down the corridor he saw huge claw marks with three nails. When he got to the science class a hooded figure entered the classroom. He said “Hello class, my name is Mr Zack. I will be your substitute teacher for the week.” Then he got into a boring lecture about the physics of throwing snow and rain to the underworlds*. Everybody including Ben was in a verrry deep stupor. Then very suddenly Mr Zack said “got that?” A kid named Jack turned his head around and moaned “go away”.

Mr Zack clearly didn’t look happy and then he exploded. “CAN YOU GUYS LISTEN FOR ONCE!!!!”. Everybody jerked out of their stupor and said “Yea” in a flat tone. “DETENTION to all of you” the teacher bellowed. Two minutes later everybody walked out of the classroom miserably. When Ben got home, he ate dinner and went straight to bed. He was grounded for not paying his taxes to his uncle. Then he got into his rugged bed and fell into a rugged sleep. Deep into the night he woke up startled by a rubbing feeling on his forehead. He opened one eye – an alien was standing over Ben’s head murmuring “this must be the kid from the prophecy”. The alien had three claws and two wings that brushed the dingy ceiling. Ben sat up and said “what prophecy?” The alien jumped back and said “sorry to wake you up my greatness. I’m just here to bargain for mum and dad”. “What do you want?”Ben asked. Alien said, “Help me get my brother back. He was trapped in the thing… what do you call it?” “the Zoo?”, Ben asked. “Yea that thing”, the alien said. “By the way my name is CaZ. The ‘C’ capitalized, ‘a’ lowercase, and ‘Z’ capitalized.” “When do we start,” Ben asked. “Right now,” the alien said. 

* The underworlds as in our world. 


20 minutes later, Ben had snuck past the security guard who was sleeping as usual. When he got to a section called: Weird but Wonderful. “He must be here”, Ben thought. Ben walked past 71 cages before he saw a huge board saying ‘View Alien’, and an arrow pointing East. Ben followed the path East and saw an increasing number of gargoyles. Five minutes later, Ben arrived to a huge auditorium. He opened the door. Inside the auditorium he could see thousands of soldiers but they all had two wings, three claws with pointed ears. Then the crowd parted and a huge alien slithered in. It was three meters tall. In a loud voice that shook the room, he said hello little cloudling you are trapped in the lair of doom and at those words a deep thumping sound started and a large spaceship emerged. Three aliens escorted Ben to the ship then he was chained to a post as the ship drove to the launching chamber. Ben heard head alien saying “soon the cloud kingdom will be mine ha ha ha”. Ben thought, “So he must want to conquer every single kingdom in the entire universe”. Ben started feeling increasingly ado. Then he looked around because he felt like he was being watched. Ben saw hundreds of portraits of people who had gotten lost in the last six years. Ben’s eyes fell on his mum and dad. They looked terrified. Ben’s train of thought was interrupted by a voice of an alien guard. The guard said, “so you’ve discovered the ultra dimension”. “What is that?,” Ben asked. “Do you see those pictures? They reflect each person’s face in the ultra dimension and you too should get ready to bid bye”, he said. Then he burst into guffaw. “We are going to weaken the entire cloud army so that we can conquer the Cloud Kingdom”. “I shouldn’t have told ya that but anyway you’re going to the ultra dimension”, said the alien. As he spoke, a plan started forming slowly and steadily in Ben’s head. Here it was: Once they got to the ultra dimension, Ben would try to buy time while he tweaks the portal to open and then he would call the hundreds of people out of the ultra dimension and then warn the army and then the Cloud Kingdom would be saved. Suddenly the intercom announced that they will take off in eight seconds. The ship blasted off and began its journey out of the atmosphere. *** 

Thirty minutes later, Ben could see CaZ’s planet Arkass from the window with long groves and hundreds of satellites, then he saw a large satellite that circled the entire planet. The ship backed into a large gray hanger where they flew into a tunnel and out into Arkass’s atmosphere. *** 

When the spaceship landed on Arkass, guards brutally unchained Ben and escorted him to the portal generator. He looked at it closely. He had learned all about this in physics. The verbose guard was in charge of guarding Ben while six guards turned the portal on. Ben had to add another portal generating cone to make it a two way portal so he took an extra generating cone and started talking about the alien’s favorite book while he had his hands behind his back attaching the generator cone and resetting the portal span from four seconds to four hours. Finally Ben was done and one minute later the generator roared to life and a countdown from three started 3,2,1 and a blue portal with seven arms appeared and Ben jumped in. Ben found an intercom and shouted “everybody who is trapped in the ultra dimension the portal is now open you’ve got four hours to exit the portal” then he jumped out of the portal. A loud rumbling sound followed him and hundreds followed as they all ran to the spaceship and headed to the Cloud City. 


Seventy minutes later, Ben and others were in the cloud king’s throne room. The king said, “Thank you Ben for saving the Cloud Kingdom”. He placed a medal on Ben’s neck. 


As Ben skipped home, he couldn’t believe what he had got from the king. He couldn’t wait to see his mum and dad. 


Super Balloon by Riaan Gupta

On his 9th birthday, Riaan receives a wonderful birthday surprise from his Mama, a magic show! But an accidental fall on the wand creates some strange super powers, and Riaan gets a phone call that a bank has been robbed. Will he fight and save the city?

Riaan is a student at the Priory School, Montreal, Canada and submitted this story for the 6-8 years age group.

Note: Published with permission from the parents and our young authors.

Story transcript

The Super Balloon 

Once there was a boy named Riaan. He was celebrating his 9th birthday. At his birthday party, his mamma got him a cool soccer balloon. He started playing soccer with his friends using the balloon. He was so  happy! He thought he would never throw away this balloon in the garbage because he loved it so much! 

After playing so much soccer, his mamma called him and his friends inside the house as she had another  nice surprise for him. She had called a magician!! The magician knew only one magic trick that is to give  superpowers. Riaan asked for some superpower for himself. While the magician was doing the trick, he  tripped and accidentally his wand hit the soccer balloon. Sparks flew and the balloon was now as big as  Riaan. While everyone was astonished and talking about the, now super powerful, balloon, Riaan received  a phone call. It was an emergency. “A bad guy has just robbed the bank, I repeat, a bad guy has just robbed  the bank,” – the caller was shouting.  

Riaan and the super balloon looked at each other and took just 10 seconds to figure out what to do next. Riaan thought of trapping the bad guy in the bank itself, but the super balloon thought of finding the bad  guy and taking him to the police station. Both Riaan and the super balloon couldn’t agree on one plan and  finally, decided to merge both the plans. The common plan was to find the bad guy, trap him in the bank  locker room and then teleport him to the police station. They both agreed that once they had handed  over the bad guy to the police, they could continue with their party – after all, the big birthday surprise  for Riaan was yet to be revealed. 

The super balloon asked Riaan to hold on to its tail while it flew across the room, into the sky and straight  to the site of the robbery – the bank! The super balloon and Riaan reached the bank and entered quietly from the  back door. As soon as they were in, they saw the bad guy was talking to the bank manager and asking for  the keys to the locker room. Both Super balloon and Riaan looked at each other and felt happy that the  bad guy himself was going to the locker room – they didn’t need to take him there. They both just had to  wait patiently behind the pillar for the bad guy to reach the locker room.  

The bad guy managed to get all the locker room keys and quickly went into the room. As soon as the bad  guy entered the room, the super balloon used its tail to close the door. The super balloon shouted, “You are trapped Mr. Bad Guy. Nowhere for you to run now!”. The bad guy was shocked at the sudden closing  of the door and dropped everything that he was holding, including all the money he had taken from the  bank employees. Riaan appeared in front of the locked door and told the bad guy that his party was over!  Riaan gave a quick signal to the super balloon, and it started making some noise that sounded like an  emergency vehicle – nee naw nee naw nee naw. The bad guy was still in shock at the sudden turn of events  but even before he could do something about it, he got teleported to the police station, and was inside  the lock up! Seeing where he was, the bad guy got very nervous and even before he could say something,  the super balloon and Riaan appeared on scene and told the police inspector everything that had  happened at the bank. The inspector looked at the bad guy and said to him, “your days of robbery are  over mister. You will now have to live in the lock up and it will be good if you think about all your bad  deeds and realize the mistakes that you have made.”

The bad guy looked very sad and looked at both the super balloon and Riaan and said – “Thank you both  for making me realize that no bad deed has a good end. I thought I could never get caught but you proved  me wrong. I will change myself and when I am out, I will help you and the police fight all the crimes in our  city. I will be a good citizen.” 

Riaan gave the bad guy a gentle pat on his hand and smiled. He believed that the bad guy was speaking  the truth and will change once he serves his punishment.  

With their job done, both the super balloon and Riaan quickly ran out of the police station to get back to  the party. The super balloon asked Riaan to again hold on to its tail so that they could fly together and  reach their house fast and continue with the celebrations. Riaan had a surprise waiting for him after all! 

As soon as Riaan reached home, he saw all his friends waiting for him along with the magician. The  magician ran towards Riaan and started to apologize for his mistake. He said, “My boy, I have fixed my  wand. I can now take away the superpowers from the balloon and give you those instead. Just hold the  balloon in your hand and I will do it.” Riaan looked at the super balloon and shook his head. “Nah, Mr.  Magician. I think we make a fine team. My super balloon and I will use the superpowers to protect our  city together! Thank you, mamma, for giving me this fantastic soccer balloon and inviting Mr. Magician to  the party!!” 

The magician was very happy and told Riaan that he can come to him anytime if he needs any superpowers  himself. Mamma was also very happy listening to Riaan and gave him a nice warm hug for thinking about  everyone and deciding to work together with his super balloon to keep the city safe.  

It was time for Riaan’s surprise! Riaan closed his eyes and went to the kitchen with his friends and mamma.  As soon as he opened his eyes, he was so surprised to see a big blue Paris Saint-Germain birthday cake! It  was beautiful and of course his favorite soccer club! This was the perfect sweet end to his fantastic  birthday! Riaan was very happy and hugged his mamma so tight for making his birthday the most special!

Beyond the Sky by Dishika Das

Tena has had no real summer adventures with her family as both her parents are busy and did not take time out for a holiday. As she gazes at the night sky, she notices something, could it be, a trapdoor? In her dreams, she enters a new world- Fantasia Circle. Will her friends believe her?

Dishika is a student at the Rajhans Vidhyalaya, Mumbai and submitted this story for the 12 years age group.

Note: Published with permission from the parents and our young authors.

Story transcript

California was surely an amazing place to travel. Alabama hills and Yosemite National Park were so vivid and mesmerizing.” Eva
exclaimed. “Nah I don’t think so, visit Japan and you’ll definitely going to change your mind.” Aries responded. Eva exclaimed “What’s so good about Japan?” Aries smirked to herself and seemed as if she would burst out talking, she said “The restaurants have robotic waiters, the ramen shops have a big screen for your personal order. Street fashion is totally awesome, shopping is worth it and there are Japan!

Eva looked as if she would be having a breakdown at any moment. Then she finally agreed with Aries. The whole time Tena had been staring and listening silently to her besties argue on which trip was better. When they realized, they turned around and seemed as if they were in an awkward situation, which they were. Eva asked “uh Tena? Didn’t you travel anywhere? Your parents are the richest people in the town! I just do not understand why they can’t afford to take you on a trip or maybe they’re just being overprotective.” Aries added, “But still! I understand they are protective of her but it has been years and she’s old enough now; I’ve been travelling ever since I was a kid.”

Tena looked at them and replied “I don’t really know about that; my parents are always busy as usual.” As you know, Tena is a child from a really rich family, like not rich but crazy rich! They never took her anywhere for fun or let her on any adventures, as they would either be busy or they would be on their protective parent mode. Tena would only have fun listening where others travelled on the summer breaks, the only amusing activity she had done the entire summer break was watch the latest Italian movie in her personal theatre. Sad, right? Now back to the story.

Everyone rushed out of school after the bell rang and their teachers dismissed the classes. It suddenly started pouring and all the students ran to their respective buses. Tena looked at the sky, thanking God that her dad was picking her up today, she had hardly seen or spoken to him in weeks, they did not once have a neat conversation. Her mother would care enough to spend time with her every evening.

As Tena was admiring the pretty blue sky crowded with pouring clouds over her, she noticed something strange and unusual, something she oddly hadn’t noticed in the sky before. It looked somewhat like a dot, small, but very clear. Thanks to her crazy eyesight which only she knew about, she could make out a square and a handle…. A Trapdoor?! No way, it’s supposed to be her imagination, right? Right….? But no, it was the reality. While she was staring keenly, a person grabbed her from behind which was none other than her dad. “Dad!”, she was overjoyed. She hugged him tight, not to let go of her grip any sooner. “My darling, I’m thrilled to see you! By the way, what were you doing? Looking at the sky?” Tena thought of telling her dad, she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She was going to tell him everything but something stopped her, the feeling telling her he would not believe a single word she would say.

She did not reveal anything to anyone, granted they would not believe her. After a long day upon reaching home, night finally fell. “Good night my dear.” Said maid Anna. “Good night” replied Tena. She started overthinking, “Was it my imagination?” “Was it there before?” “Has anyone noticed it before?” “Was it really a trapdoor?” Thousands of questions rushed her. Was it a mind with no answers. She loved stargazing but she could trap door not see that small thing through her telescope after all ?

Her head hurt, so she fell asleep quickly. In her dream, she found herself in a pitch-black room. Walking further, she made it to a dead end, “Oh Great!” Suddenly a creature appeared out of nowhere only to make Tena gasp. “What are you?!I mean…. Who are you? And do you have any clue where I might be?” Tena yelled. To which the creature replied, “I have no time to answer your load of questions, this dream will end in a rapid moment now. I am here to convey that you are one of the few people who could notice the entrance to our world, Fantasia circle. You’re welcome in here.” A door appeared from thin air. As she entered, more and more adorable creatures greeted her. Tena smiled to herself, she swore she would come here every night and she was not going to miss any chances, at any costs. She was ready for a new adventure in years. All thanks to the one and only gorgeous SKY…. While she was meeting other people who also noticed the entrance, they heard an extremely loud noise. Everyone was panicking and running here and there, Tena tried to investigate the source of the noise but when she found out, she ran towards a cave where a few people were hiding. A hybrid was charging straight at everyone it saw in its way. It had wings and scaled skin meaning it could travel in both land, water, and air! Then at an immediate moment, an angel came and teleported the hybrid deep into the water. People and the creatures rejoiced as the savior angel left. Now this is what I call fun, Tena thought.

She woke up to her maid saying “Wake up Tena, you’ll be late for school.” Tena rushed to take a bath and get ready. Then quickly took a glance through her telescope, hoping to find the almost invisible trapdoor. There it was, tiny but clear. At school during the break, she went to the library to study more about the sky. Aries stopped by to question “Yo Tena! Is it just me or I have never seen you here at the library?” Tena responded, “Hi! I’m actually, uhhhh…. uhh…uhm…yeah! Interested in having more knowledge about the sky, it is for a project!” Aries was suspicious but she gave in and wanted to know more about it with Tena too. Aries added, “Can we stargaze tonight? At your place? It will be fun and it’s also been a while since I’ve done it.” Tena agreed upon the idea. During the evening, the doorbell rang, Tena rushed to it and then she and Aries ran to her room. After stargazing, they had a sleepover. Tena was ready for her dream, a new day in Fantasia Circle! Then upon reaching, one of the creatures told Tena that a new person had noticed the trapdoor so they had to go greet them.

After the person entered through the entrance, Tena exclaimed, “Aries?!” Aries replied “Tena? What are you doing here?” Tena said “I just came in here yesterday, What about you?” Aries responded “ I noticed a trapdoor while stargazing but I didn’t inform you because I was scared that you would not believe me and would make fun of me.” Tena replied “I would never, now let’s go have some adventures together.”

The Ozone City by Abraz Siddiqui

A boy named Fred and his parents lived in the Star city, and one day they decided to explore out. By accident the car turned in the wrong direction and in a flash of light they turned up to a huge city. What adventures would they experience? Listen in!

Original short story by Arwan Siddiqui. Abraz is a student at Bruce Trail Public School, Milton, Ontario, Canada and submitted this story for the 6-8 years age group.

Note: Published with permission from the parents and our young authors.

Story transcript

The Ozone City

Once upon a time there was a Star City. In the city there was a boy named Fred and he had such nice parents. One day Fred’s parents wanted to explore out of the Star City. So they packed everything and started on their trip. It looked so good outside, especially the bright lights. By accident the car turned in the wrong direction and in a flash of light they turned up to a huge city. There was a banner – it said Welcome to the Ozone City. In the car there was a time of silence. Then his mom said “the Ozone City?” I have heard of this city. So they drove to the huge banner. It looked so cool. Suddenly a man named Henry walked to their car. He said “You need to pay us $200”. So his parents gave him $200. Henry said “I want to tell you something. We need help to make this place bigger. So can we work with you?”. “Henry” said Fred’s parents “do you have a code name for this project.” “Yes we do have one”, Henry said. “What is it?” said Fred’s parents. “It is secret and known to people who are excellent,” said Henry. The only thing that we can tell you is how to make the Ozone City grow. This is what you need: 2 cups of sugar and 99 cups of gold. But where do you get gold? “92()/:82″ said Henry “What is that?” Fred’s parents said. “It is code to the secret gold site” Henry said. “Okay” said Fred’s parents. Now it is enough of talking. How much did we talk for? “We talked for one hour until now,” Henry said. “Let’s drive,” said Fred’s parents. Ok said Fred.

One day later, they were riding on a huge dragon!!! It was so fun. It was twenty six feet high. The dragon was yellow and green. It flew down to the hugest campsite they had ever seen. There were 100,000+ people (which is a lot). There were lots of dragons. It took 3 minutes to make the gold. When they landed they saw Henry. He was selling gold. So Fred’s parents asked him “where to put the dragon?”. Henry said, “In the cages.” It was hard to put the dragons in the cages.

They bought shovels to dig a chunk of ozone. Then they drove to Henry and gave him the chunk of ozone. Then Henry gave 99 cups of gold. Digging the ozone layer was so much easier than locking the dragons in the cage. They kept on adding gold and sugar to grow the Ozone thicker. The next day an envelope popped up on the door. It said meet me in camp number 2. On the bottom of the envelope it said ‘Henry’. They started driving to Henry’s headquarters. When they arrived they knocked on the door. Henry answered. So they went inside and it looked so cool – It looked better than a castle. “I want to tell you something, My brother is lost”, Henry said. “What’s your brother’s name?” asked Fred’s parents. “John”, said Henry. Suddenly there was fire on the wall. Then someone with a black cloak was standing. It was John. He looked evil. Then in a blink of light, they were somewhere else on a hill. It looked so different from Ozone City. It looked like a castle. Henry said, “We are doing a war”. Fred’s parents started fighting with Henry. It was so funny that Fred laughed. Henry said, “stop doing that”. I mean that the war was between Star City and Ozone City. “Okay” said Fred’s parents. “I want to ask you something: which team are you in?” asked Henry, Fred’s parents said “the Ozone city”. The war is going to start in 30 minutes, said Henry. 30 minutes later the Star City people marched in. Then the Ozone city people marched in, and looking at the growth of Ozone city the Star city people got scared and started going backwards. “How much time did we talk”? said Fred’s parents. “4,900 seconds”, said Henry. “How many minutes is that”? said Fred’s parents. “It is 82 minutes”, said Henry. “I want to tell you something”, said Henry. “You are invited to a meeting in the USA”, said Henry. “I always wanted to go there”, said Fred’s parents. “It takes 2 days to go there”, said Henry. Two days later, Fred and his parents are on the way to the USA. 2 hrs later, they arrived at the president of the USA. The president said, “Who are you? And where are you from?” “We are from Star City and then we moved to Ozone city.” Fred’s parents said, Bye and they left. “Come back right now, I want to talk to you,” said the President. Fred’s parents quickly ran out of sight. They took the plane to Ozone city, right away. The Ozone city was now twenty times bigger than it was. In the beginning the Ozone city was 50 ft. So it will be 1,000 ft. The ozone city was so much bigger than normal.

The next day, Fred had a mission to find why John had a black cloak. Suddenly a note dropped from the ceiling. It said my name is Flink. So it must mean that the person with a black cloak must be Flink. So they opened up the door. Then they saw Flink outside the door. He said that I am in the Star City team. He had gold shoes that glinted in the sunlight. Suddenly he disappeared and a troop of the Star city people started to tackle them. Fred was the best of them all. He kicked them in the face and in the butt. They retreated like the last time. Two hours later, Fred was going down the pipe to where Flink lived. Five meters left. Two millimeters left. Then he saw Flink. He was almost going to close the pipe but Fred jumped so high that he almost hit the ceiling. Flink did not notice Fred. So he just crept behind Flink and said Booo!!! He did not even look back, he just walked away. So he just went in the pipe, then Flink quickly pulled Fred from going down the pipe. Fred easily slipped away. And slid down the pipe and accidentally turned to Henry’s room. And he slid inside and to his surprise his parents were there.

The End