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The most wonderful part of our nonprofit is the ability to meet with incredibly gifted writers and creatives. Often, these creatives are not only writers, but also have other jobs that they are invested in. One such connection we have found is in former DGP of Uttarakhand, Ashok Kumar (IPS). He is also the award-winning writer of several books including Khaaki mein insaan and more recently, Cyber Encounters. These books detail out stories and experiences from his life as a police officer.

In conversation with author and ex-DGP Ashok Kumar (IPS)

DGP Ashok Kumar recently retired from his position in Uttarakhand and has had an exception career in public service. He began as a child in rural Haryana and went on to become an engineer at IIT-Delhi. After that he joined the Indian Administrative Service (IPS) and began a three-decade-long career as a police offer. In our conversation, he shared his experiences as a police offer.

As a writer, he talked about several stories in various challenging postings throughout India, that enabled him to have diverse experiences. These experiences have found an outlet in both his books. The books are an attempt to challenge the narrative about police in India, which has taken a beating for several reasons, including the colonial legacy of the British rule.

Kumar talks about making an attempt to maintain our compassion and sensitivity in the daily life despite the rough circumstances. He talked about victim-centric justice, and finding empathy. It’s easy to criticize the system, and get into a negativity spiral. Changing the system, and contributing to change, is possible, and it is up to us.

When one person tries something new, 50 more can join. The system can change when we have the mindset to help and serve communities. We can alter what is not working, if we decide to make a difference.

As we wind down this month, and think about #30daysofSouthAsianBooks, Kumar also shares his favorite reads. We would recommend adding Kumar’s books to your reading list. DGP Kumar will be the guest of honor at our next Likhawat author panel. It’s free to attend, and you can meet award-winning authors in conversation here.

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