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Diaspora writer and poet, Godhuli Chatterjee Gupta releases her second book, Desert Marigold today. In this episode of Kitabi Qisse, she talked to us about her inspiration to write and compile her poetry in the last couple years. In sharing highly personal writing through her work, Godhuli is giving a voice to immigrant mom experiences, especially those that identify as South-Asian.

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Reading work from authors of color who validate our day-to-day regular experiences makes our lives less isolated. It is what truly brings in the power of a community, and finds resonance. This is exactly why all communities that are marginalized need representation, and visibility, so they feel a sense of belonging. Immigrant mom experiences are often sidelined and hardly find media representation outside of the existing stereotypes.

Godhuli also talks about South-Asian books that continue to inspire her for their relatability. She also shares a tip as as mother on how to get kids into the habit of regular reading.

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About Godhuli Chatterjee Gupta

Godhuli Gupta about giving a voice to immigrant mom experiences

Godhuli Chatterjee Gupta is a contemporary South Asian American writer & poet, and the voice behind the Instagram account @wordsby.godhuli. Her poems explore the trials of motherhood, the immigrant experience, cultural duality, and reclaiming identity. She is a former “third culture kid” who has grown up in six countries around the world and currently resides in the Chicago suburbs raising her two children with her husband.

Godhuli’s work has been featured in Train River Poetry, Live Tinted, Mother Untitled, Uppagus, Dear Sister, and more. Most recently, she launched her bold, vulnerable & empowering debut poetry collection “Desert Marigold” which takes you on an emotional journey to the various stages of womanhood. It’s a celebration of our ability to bloom and thrive in the midst of adversity as dynamic, complex and multifaceted individuals. Her book is available on Amazon worldwide.

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