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In continuation of our theme of belonging, this episode of Kitabi Qisse features a conversation with author, coach, and all things inspirational, Aditi W. Singh. Founder of Raising World Children, Aditi talks about tips on raising third culture kids. From teaching heritage languages to books and publishing, you will get all your questions answered.

Aditi draws from her own experience of being a third culture kid growing up in Kuwait. She recommends a mindset shifting in parenting kids who are growing up in different cultures. Using books and open conversations as tools, children are likely to understand the whys and be more accepting of cultural teaching. She also recommends a ton of resources and book to learn form.

Aditi talks about the spectrum that she sees parents. Some are on the perfection end, while some like small steps. The inspiring conversation normalizes the difficult yet rewarding task of parenting kids who may often be conflicted about their identities.

If you are a diaspora parent trying to think about learning, cultural immersion, this is a good conversation to start with! Raising third culture kids can be hard, so finding good resources is your first step. There is no need to struggle alone.

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About Aditi W. Singh

Raising third culture kids Aditi W Singh

Author, editor and publishing coach, Aditi was raised in Kuwait. As a daughter of parents from different cultural thoughts, Aditi never felt like she belonged. With motherhood, she realized the joy of multicultural living. 

All her pieces are about people who overcome inner turmoil to overcome issues with identity with mindfulness. She has published award winning books and also uses her 10+ years of experience provide self publishing, editing and writing services to authors around the world.