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Children’s book author and conscious parenting coach, Vidya Murlidhar is one of our featured authors during Varta. In this episode of Kitabi Qisse, she talked about finding a spark within us that makes us unique and see the beauty within ourselves. This is also the message in her new children’s book, the Adventures of Rinni and Bo.

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In her new book Vidya talks about internal beauty and what truly matters to us in verse with beautiful illustrations to make the point for kids and adults. Often kids grow up with conflicting messages and internalize what they’re hearing. True validation and our love for ourselves begins internally though, and finding a spark within us encourages acceptance. These are themes that are evergreen and matter to all kids, especially those who may be seen differently or may be in a minority.

As a parenting coach, Vidya offers her insights to parents to start off with messages of openness and starting with their own reading to encourage children. She also shares the importance of our letting interests guide kids to choose what truly speaks to them as a hook into reading and writing.

Kitabi Qisse is an inclusive space to meet desi authors and connect with them on wonderful stories. This series began in February and will be on till August before we restart in 2024!

About Vidya Murlidhar

Creative inspiration: why must kids write and finding the spark within us

Vidya Murlidhar is the author of the children’s books Rinni and Bo and The Adventures of Grandpa and Ray. The written word has been her sacred anchor and her writing carries the flavor of the city she grew up in, Mumbai. Her essays have been widely published in parenting websites and magazines. When she’s not writing or coaching, she enjoys dancing and spending time with family, friends and her furry sidekick Leo. You can read all of her published work at


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