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Avani Dwivedi is an illustrator whose new book is about to release in the US and she talked to us in an episode of Kitabi Qisse. Avani talked about reading as self-care to be able to focus and get some non-screen time. In a world full of multiple screens, isn’t that something we would all like to go back to?

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Reading as self-care may sound simple but so many of us benefit from the long term impact of making it a habit. Far too many parents struggle with reducing screen time and finding activities that can help learning or engagement. Thinking of reading as self-care though is more than that. It’s a place we can create for ourselves that’s enriching, even if it’s solitary.

Kitabi Qisse is a series where we talked with South-Asian authors on their favorite book inspirations and recommendations. The series ran from February and will close for 2023 in August. We will restart in 2024.

About Avani Dwivedi

Avani Dwivedi on reading as self care

Avani Dwivedi is an author and illustrator living in Jersey City, NJ. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019. Avani grew up in Mumbai, India and later moved to the States to pursue her passion of becoming an artist.

Even when away from home, she held on to her most precious gems — memories of her sweet childhood, the lived experience of being a South-Asian woman and her love for creating whimsical art. She is the author/ illustrator of My Bollywood Dream published by Walker Books and Candlewick Press

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