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Data scientist and parent to two, Kripsa Mehta just turned into an incredible author debuting with Aashi and the Robot. With a futuristic setting, Kripsa talks about teaching kids human values in a fun way. As parents, we totally relate to learning by observation and hope you enjoy this little chat too!

Mehta’s writing uses the Indian storytelling form of being moral-based and teaching values through a story. Her book series intends to bring engagement while also teaching values in a non-preachy way. She reflects on her own childhood reading and her mother’s parenting approach as an inspiration.

Pandemic parenting was hard but had goofy moments!

this is parenting and teaching kids human values in a fun way 🙂

A desi Dad with rhymes

A family activity book

Listen in to find out Kripsa’s favorite childhood books and inspiration to all parents to inspire kids to learn and be readers! Teaching kids human values in a fun way doesn’t need to be hard or another parenting task on a neverending list. It can be made simpler, and reading is one way.

Kitabi Qisse started as a series of conversations with South-Asian creatives on their favorite book inspirations. The series ran from February and will close for 2023 in August. We will restart in 2024.

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Kripsa Mehta on teaching kids human values in a fun way

A true Mumbai-kar by heart, Kripsa has been living in the US for close to two decades. She works as a data scientist and debuted her children’s book in 2023.

A firm believer of learning through play, and hopes to help young readers learn core life values through goofy, entertaining and STEM based stories.

Her first series – Aashi and the Robot is a transitional chapter book series about Aashi Mehtaup and her beloved Robot, Zy. It’s about friendship, future and fun!