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Tasneem Dairywala recently published her picture book for children, and talked to us for Kitabi Qisse. In this interview, Tasneem talked about her writing inspiration from her personal life. She shared her approach on writing children’s books about difficult feelings and how to raise young readers.

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As per Tasneem, we don’t need to avoid children’s books about difficult feelings, instead we need to find accessible ways to connect with children on these topics. She relates her personal experiences including mental health battles as a mom that she poured into her book using metaphors.

For raising readers, Tasneem recommends starting young and reading to the kids who develop curiosity and become young readers. For adults, she recommends library visits that allow exposure to various genres that we may find interesting.

Kitabi Qisse started as a series of conversations with South-Asian creatives on their favorite book inspirations and recommendations. The series ran from February and will close for 2023 in August. We will restart in 2024.

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About Tasneem Dairywala

Tasneem Diarywala on writing children's books on difficult feelings

Tasneem Dairywala is a children’s book author-illustrator who likes to craft stories that touch hearts, bridge gaps, and inspire change. She thinks art is a great way to connect with others and make the world a better place, which is why she founded Art Ignite, a non-profit organization that brings art to the masses.

Tasneem has a degree in Drawing and Painting and a minor in English from OCAD University, but she learned most of what she knows from reading children’s books with her daughter.