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Earlier this month, we spoke with authors, S.J. Sindu, Rukhsanna Guidroz, and Tasneem Diarywala for an episode of Likhawat. They spoke about their creative process, and the positive impact of bringing diverse experiences to middle-grade fiction.

The authors talked about bringing a whole range of emotions to their writing and not simplifying stories for a younger audience. Young children and adults in fact feel a range of emotions and that nuance deserved to be in stories so they feel validated. Finding ways to write a story where we can put ourselves in the person’s shoes and find true empathy by inhabiting the story is how they approach this work. Bringing diverse experiences to middle-grade fiction is also a great tool to help children learn how to cope with their emotions.

Listen in to also learn about the work these authors have coming up in the next year or so which is always exciting for us as readers. More diverse work that represents a range of South-Asian diaspora experiences makes our narrative richer!

Our next Likhawat session will happen as a part of Varta in Dehradun. We will have three panels during August 18-20th which will also be streamed live. Registration will be open to all and will be shared soon!

Thank you to all the authors who shared their time and discussed their thoughts bringing enriching ideas to this session.

If you’re interested in speaking at the next panels, do send us a note!