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Jnanpeeth winner Gulzar sa’ab recently created a poetry collection, A Poem A Day. This work showcased 365 contemporary poems in 34 languages. This collection included two poems from national-award winning multilingual poet, Brij Nath Betab. In February, we spent our Likhawat celebrating Betab’s work and poetry. We spoke about his poetry collection, Harud.

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Betab has been a mainstay of Kashmiri media and literature for over 30 years. He is most well-known for his news reading on DD Kashmir. Through the years, he has won multiple awards for his writing in Hindi, Urdu, and Kashmiri. He recently won a state award at the 75th republic day celebration in India. As a prominent Kashmiri poet, his work is frequently cited by other contemporary writers. Yet, as one would expect from a writer of his stature, he is constantly exploring the craft with compassion and the humility of a learner.

In our conversation with him, we read a few lines from his poetry collection, Harud that talks about a post-displacement Kashmir. He shares perspectives as an internally displaced Kashmiri pandit, a religious minority that continues to search for meaning an identity outside of homeland. His poetry and comments speak to the love for homeland and the need to build more inclusive communities. He readily highlighted the role of the majority community to enable inclusiveness.

Brij Nath Betab’s work is testimony to the fact that while we struggle, our work can still retain the beauty and ability to inspire. Like many who write about feelings, displacement, and a sense of place in areas of conflict, his work extends beyond one region. He speaks to the feelings of minorities in Kashmir but also those that are displaced everywhere.

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Likhawat: Celebrating Brij Nath Betab And His Poetry Collection Harud
Betab receiving the Varta Gaurav Samaan Award At Dehradun in 2023