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In the recently concluded episode of Likhawat, we hosted writers Anjali Jariwala, Godhuli Gupta, and Akanksha Aurora who shared their creative processes. They talked at length about staying authentic and using their voice to express emotions and their varied experiences.

Having multi-disciplinary work represented on this panel from poetry, to screenwriting, comedy to children’s books, we had a very inspiring discussion on the creative process. The writer’s talked about their own nuanced experiences that often did not fit into labels and the need to speak to their truths with full authenticity.

It was also interesting to note a little side discussion on how their creative writing pursuits and hobby projects take a life of their own. The writers also shared how writing life influenced their professional life, and opened up their perspectives on infusing creative energy in all aspects.

Godhuli and Anjali come from corporate backgrounds, and shared their journey as they navigate the creative writing scene. Akanksha, as a multidisciplinary artist shared how her voice across platforms continues to be the same, and how she seeks representation beyond the single (often repeated) South-Asian immigrant story. The writers talked about specificity when using their voice to express emotions and still maintaining the universality of these emotions to find reader connect.

All our Likhawat writers have an incredible body of work that is listed on the video as well. So, go nerd out on wonderful and thought-provoking writing!

When is the next South-Asian author panel?

The next Likhawat panel will happen on July, 13th. We will be speaking with authors, Tasneem Dairywala, S.J. Sindhu, and Rukhsanna Guidroz. The authors will discuss exploring the significance of representing diverse characters, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences in middle-grade fiction.

If you would like to recommend an author or panelist for this series, drop us a note! Likhawat is also a part of our Blue Sky creative confidence program, and if you’re interested in being a part of our program, you can apply directly. 

Likhawat: South Asian writers talk about using their voice to express emotions

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