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Hello, June and summer vacations! We are all getting burned by climate change and torrid weather here in Austin. So, we thought about creating a balm for this heat. As you know this month’s theme is connected with nostalgia, “Be Right Back.” Are you reading to go back to the 90s? Here is a list of creative summer play ideas with kids that will take you back to old times. If you grew up in the subcontinent, share more of these ideas that speak to you!

Play and creative activities (especially those that are hands-on without screens) can reduce anxiety among kids. It is important for emotional development and growth. So, if you’re tired (we are!) we have recommendations that will help you figure something out, without driving half way around the city.

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5 creative summer play ideas with kids that bring back the 90s

  1. Ludo: A game of four, three, or two. But hear us out, don’t start with any mobile devices. Order a real ludo board, and start. Kids aged 3 onwards who know counting are capable of learning this master game. You will not regret playing and will set up a pro-league soon. It’s easy, fun, and so much better than additional screen time! Do it.
  2. Newspaper in Education – Make your own: Each time the elections are here (in the US, or India, or Sri Lanka, or Pakistan, or the UK) it is a yawn fest. 24-hour news channels are not creative or informative. How about making a little project with kids and having them build their own newspaper? If you grew up in and Indian city in the 90s, you perhaps knew this from Times of India’s NIE program. It’s fun!
  3. Ice-Pice (also known as I-spy or hide-and-seek): Sure, you may be all fancy and may not have called it ice-pice, but the rest of India sure did. So, it’s easy, and can be played indoors, if the sun is intense where you live.
  4. Rasna mango drinks: Ok, we don’t recommend Rasna, but if you can find real mangoes where you live, go for it. Get kids involved in mango milk shakes, mango ice creams, and mango flavored everything. After all, if it’s not the mango, can it even be the summer? Ok, we come from a spot in India where mangoes don’t grow, so we are aware of the stereotype, but this is an example. Use mulberries if that feels better to you!
  5. Camps and writing: Get kids to writing and have them use their wonderful imagination. Peerbagh has a summer writing event going on AND a summer writing camp too. It can be done at home and you don’t need to drive kids around. Our themes are always around childhood nostalgia, so go tell them about Surabhi and Superhit Muqabala or Tinkle if you wish. Once they hear something, get them to write it out!

Do you have any other activities that you remember? FLAMES does not count, haha! Do share your favorites with us!


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