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If you’ve been traveling across the world back to South Asia, or juggling summer camps, it’s rough and sweet at the same time. As parents, we often hold conflicting feelings together. And summer somehow feels like it’s peak time for all the feels. But, we are not alone. CDC talks about the difficulties of a lack of routine can have on kids. Here are some tips for a successful summer break with the family!

Parenting Tips For a Successful Summer Break

Why do you need tips for a successful summer break?

Et tu, Brutus? It’s all of us, not just you.

CDC says that consistent schedules and routines are important for both adults and kids. For school-aged kids a lot of structure through the day is missing in the summer. This is complicated even more if they are traveling overseas to meet extended family.

P.S. This is true for holidays in general but two months in the summer make it feel like the world is a burning ball of fire. So, yes, we are all in this together.

Tips for a successful summer break

Making a plan is essential so that kids know what to expect. Waking up every morning with nothing to do is not easy, especially for working parents. So, we are big proponents of making lists and plans. This also helps set expectations in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. While planning, we recommend including kids in the process, so they feel a sense of control, and can choose their activities.

There are some that you may add as essentials, but always think about adding an hour or two of time they can define for themselves. Free activity time is very important for kids to be more creative. Boredom encourages them to find new ways to engage themselves.

If you are looking for some creative ways to encourage reading and writing, here are a few that we love:

  1. Family readathons: Use a reading log to compare summer reading across the family!
  2. Learn one new thing: Make it a family goal! Join workshops, classes, do something fun.
  3. Write a family song: Make up lyrics, set a tune, the whole deal!
  4. Incentivize kids with prizes: You can make them write for a competition. We have a wonderful summer story contest coming up, and that’s one way to encourage creative inputs.
  5. Half-day camps: We love the idea of half-day camps mainly because they can leave you with free time to do other things as well. Peerbagh ran a half-day camp in June. If you are interested in one, let us know, we can bring some elements back!

What are some interesting things you have been doing to engage kids? Let us know in comments or on Instagram!


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