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As we shared earlier, we have initiated a think-day internally at Peerbagh to review our goals and progress. We had a very planned first quarter with events that had been preset from the last year. So, setting up for the 2nd quarter has been a little hard. But as brand leaders, it’s a good time to think about the year so far.

We typically use frameworks that enable us to go through a reflection exercise. This is a great collection of questions for brand leaders who carry the weight or the privilege of making things that matter. (You can get involved in our journey by joining us!)

You’ll notice these are questions for leaders joining an organization. We use them in a broader sense for our think-day. We ask ourselves, if today, we were joining Peerbagh, how would we answer these? It’s a great way to think through the culture we are building.

Questions to Brand Leaders Creating Things That Matter

Questions that Matter to Brand Leaders

  1. Does what I do count?
  2. Does what I do make a difference to anybody?
  3. Why should I come here?
  4. Can I be somebody here?
  5. Is there for me any rhyme or reason here?
  6. Can I “own” this place?
  7. Do I have any rights?
  8. Does coming here add any richness to my life?
  9. IS this a place where I can learn something?
  10. Would I show this place to my family – or am I embarrassed to show it to them – or does it just not matter?
  11. Is there anybody here I can trust?
  12. Is this place open to my influence?

H/T: SwissMiss for finding this Herman Miller gem a while ago, see this:


How do you review progress of the work you are deeply passionate about? As a nonprofit getting this reflection time helps us immensely.

Let us know!