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Welcome to Peerbagh. You’ve probably seen us on your instagram feed so far, and that’s fun. If you haven’t seen us, and this is your first read, welcome! Peerbagh is a platform focused on raising storytellers and readers. Coming out of a pandemic (near about), we’re obsessed about finding ways to help little ones articulate their ideas, feelings, and moments.

We love introducing South Asian stories to kids bright and early, so they find themselves in those stories, and know that they matter. If you’re interested, join us for our Katha -storytelling for children workshop on March 22nd, 2023.

storytelling for children
Katha-Storytelling for children

Meanwhile, some tips on how to use storytelling for children:

Raising storytellers and readers

  1. Keep it simple: Shorter attention spans mean that complex stories need to be made easy to follow.
  2. Use colorful imagery: Children respond well to colorful imagery, so using descriptive language, props, and vivid imagery can help them engage with the story.
  3. Incorporate repetition: Repeating key phrases or elements of the story can help children remember the story and the main message.
  4. Use humor: Using humor and jokes can make the story more enjoyable for children and help keep their attention.
  5. Use interactive elements: Encourage children to participate in the story by asking questions, making sound effects, or acting out the story.
  6. Use storytelling to promote creativity: Encourage children to tell their own stories and to use their imagination. You can teach values such as kindness, honesty, or simply ask what they learned. The answers are often fun and surprising!

What would you add to this list?