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As a nonprofit, we are committed to bringing accessible teaching and parenting resources for our community. In 2024, our organizational focus will be South-Asian oral storytelling. Additionally, editorially, we will announce monthly themes about which we will share resources, tips, experts conversations and ideas. These themes are intended to encourage conversations in families and classrooms. Themes will be announced on the Peerbagh Journal.

For parents, we will offer the monthly Maker Box that gets shipped to your families each month based on regular themes throughout 2024. This is a simple and powerful DIY tool to engage kids with stories and introduce cultural learning in a fun way. We also regularly share parenting tips especially with advice for raising kids away from heritage cultures. This is true for immigrant parenting and migrant families that we are committed to serving. Please join our newsletter to get access to tips, resources, and free tools.

For teachers we will be sharing enriching storytelling-based lesson plans for 2024 that are based on regular themes. Our themes will be updated each month through our newsletter. You can also follow along on social media. For educators, we also offer Blue Sky storytelling in education certification course and scholarships on a rolling basis. You can also see our diverse book finder that shares recommendations to diversify bookshelves and encourage reading.

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Diverse Book Finder

This is a work in progress, but our hope is to make South-Asian children’s and YA book recommendations easier to access.

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