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We are excited to be kickstarting season 2 of Katha audio stories for kids on our theme of magical summer hills. This story comes all the way from Dehradun from Jadon Oommen, grade 7, Khrist Jyoti Academy with his piece, The Story of the Hidden Adventure. The story with purple water, talking animals, and floating mountains has a strong punch line in the end! Jadon wrote the story in Peerbagh’s on-the-spot writing flash-fiction event in Dehradun, within an hour. It’s incredible and was placed first.

This is also a good time to share that the winter story submission theme is up on the site. We will start accepting entries from November 1 but you can already start preparing. Creating new writers and helping kids own their creativity and sharing it with the world is an incredible way to encourage them. It helps build their creative confidence and makes our world so much richer with their wonderful stories.

Great job, Jadon and parents. We are excited to share all of our summer stories with our community soon.

The audio stories for kids from our season 1 are here. If you’re in Austin, you can still join our Katha Workshops where we build stories together. We will be launching online story workshops for the remainder of the year soon.