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As a nonprofit focused on building diverse storytellers of the future, Peerbagh is deeply invested in encouraging ALL children to build their creative confidence. We host three children’s writing competitions in a year. Children aged 6-14 can submit their stories, or Katha.

To submit a story for any event, please fill in the form attached here. There is a small entry fee of $5 so we are able to generate serious responses. All proceeds go back into programs supporting our mission.

How to submit your Katha or story

Our spring and summer story event winners were already announced, and their stories will be published on the Peerbagh Journal in 2023. Keep a look out for the publishing announcements our Instagram channel HERE.

Submitting your story for the children’s writing competition

Please refer to the details of the participation along with themes, and timings in the guidelines below.

Submit your story

winter deadline: Jan 7, 2024

Theme: “winter sun or sardiyon ki dhoop”


  • Winter competition will open on Nov 1st, and entries are expected by Jan 7, 2024. Early entries will get feedback.

Themes: All writing events have themes. The prompt for the Winter is “sardiyon ki dhoop or winter sun.” Please write a short story with a maximum of only 1000 words.

Submission form

  • There is an entry fee of $5 or INR 500 to enter the competition for prizes.
  • All forms details need to be filled
  • Upload the writing (including illustrations) as a PDF in the attached form

Age groups

Children writing must be in the 6-14 age group in English or Hindustani

WHAT to expect/ PRIZES for the children’s writing competition

  • Top 5 entries will be published on the Peerbagh Journal and shared on our social media channels. 
  • All entries will get participation certificates. 
  • Top 3 entries will win prizes. 
  • The selection of winning entries will be made by select authors from Peerbagh’s writing community. All selections are final.

We partner with Millennium India Education Foundation, a national award-winning non-profit for engagement and distribution.

Filling up the submission form does not guarantee publication or a prize.