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Federico Guzmán created a beautiful modern art installation of Tuiza- the cultures of the Bedouin Tent in Madrid several years ago. Tuiza (in the Hassaniya Arabic dialect of the African Bidan) is the work carried out in collective solidarity, in togetherness. Collective solidarity refers to a state of social bonding or interdependency which rests on similarity of beliefs and values, shared activities, and ties of kinship and cooperation among members of a community (source). The reason you find a mention of this today, on our Journal page, is that we were lucky to be able to experience the art. And, more importantly, be blown away with the inspiration of the art of creating content in collective solidarity.

We learn stories as a community, often through generations, and good stories can seldom be created without interactions and engagement. It is a team sport. And we do not need to be struggling alone.


Tuiza- Inspiration and the Art of Creating Content In Collective Solidarity

In Hassaniya Tuiza means solidary collective work: coming together, participating and building something jointly. Therefore, Tuiza is the essence of Federico Guzmán’s project as he presents this huge Bedouin tent as a space for hospitality and conversation between cultures, workshops and other collective activities… (source)

Tuiza : the art of creating content and stories in collective solidarity

Most communicators and storytellers tend to work sitting behind their computers or Instagram, scrolling or typing away to glory. It’s always good to have a small change, and do something more innovative and creative together as a community. It helps bring about “a culture of storytelling”. Culture is not the same as strategies or steps towards your writing goals. Culture is ‘this is how we do things around here’. Creating a culture of storytelling begins with a real intention. Seek people passionate to create and those that are strong enough to go beyond their fears of creating or sharing too much, or spending too much time on each piece. Culture is not built by counting every single cent you earn. It cares about the effort you put toward deep learning. Get those 10,000 hours of hard work to propel you passion.

7 reasons why collective creation is essential to the art of creating stories

1. Collective creation enhances the community’s (or team’s) sense of ownership

2. Collective co-working spaces can be used for creative innovative idea-storming

3. Collective working enhances the storyteller’s sense of social sharing

4. Collective working helps you test ideas and story concepts with others

5. Collective working brings a sense of joy

6. Collective creation can help push the lurkers to create

7. Collective creation helps build a culture of storytelling and creativity

8. Collective working helps build an engaged community of storytellers

9. Collective working helps you enhance the final story by discussions and disagreements

10. Collective working cures you of creativity blocks

11. Collective working creates remarkable stories with a deep, rich narrative, those that cover various missing perspectives

People who create, are the one percent who don’t lurk. It helps to bring them together in inspired co-working spaces. Who are you bringing on your community next? 🙂 One way to build your community is through workshops and events where you meet likeminded people. It has definitely been our approach. Do let us know if it works for you!