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Now that we are in the final leg of 2023, we are excited to announce our final storytelling workshops for 2023. These workshops are created for kids and for adults. So here’s our final listing for this year before we announce more for the next year.

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  • Learn miniature art Basohli with an expert: An online workshop open to both kids and adults to learn Basholi art. In this workshop the participants will learn about the miniature art form. They will also do a hands-on project alongside the artist as they learn techniques and details. You can sign up for Nov 19-21, here.
  • Storytelling day for adults: Join us on November 17th for a day of storytelling. This event is created online for adults including communicators, leaders, managers, and nonprofit managers. We will be going through 6-hours of materials, and learning in a group. You can sign up to transform your communication and become a thought-leader in your domain. Join for Nov 17, here.
  • Katha storytelling and creative writing workshop for kids: Our final katha workshops for children in Austin are now live from Nov 6 to Dec 11. These happen weekly, and you are welcome to join the whole series of single sessions here.
  • Storytelling in education: Our final storytelling in education live course for educators and librarians will happen from Dec 5 to Dec 7. This will be our final program for 2023 and new programs will be announced for 2024. You can sign up here.
  • Likhawat – Author’s Panel: Meet authors Ram Gidoomal, Dur e Aziz Amna, and publisher Prabhu Guptara in a chat on Dec 7. The event will be online and you can RSVP here.
Miniature art basohli storytelling workshops

Another event for kids that is open is our quarterly storytelling competition. We are now accepting entries for winter. You can submit till January 7. The details are here.

Volunteering: You can join us to volunteer for our 2024 events, for writing and storytelling workshops here. If you’re a parent who would like children to get some writing experience, you can apply to our student reporter program here.

We hope to see you in events with us this year, or when we announce the plan for 2024. Get information on all upcoming events through our newsletter and social media. Which storytelling workshops would you like to see next year?